Cook Island Ports Authority

The Ports Authority is a Crown owned statutory corporation established by Act of Parliament in 1995 and, in line with the provisions of the Cook Islands Investment Corporation Act 1998, it is a subsidiary of the Cook Islands Investment Corporation.

The Authority is responsible for the ports of Avatiu on Rarotonga, and Arutanga on Aitutaki. Its assets include buildings, wharves, port facilities, tugboats, plant and equipment, storage/transit sheds, open storage areas, and stacking areas for commercial purposes. It also maintains the channel, approach, berth depths, navigational aids, and wharves (piers, jetties).

The Authority provides marshalling services for the movement of containerised, breakbulk and homogeneous cargoes through the ports. It also provides cargo handling equipment for containers and general cargo, and a container cleaning service.

The major vessels operating through the Port of Avatiu include two container vessels on a 3 weekly cycle and at least one petroleum tanker per month. Currently cargo tonnages are in excess of 150,000 tonnes per annum, comprising petroleum products, building materials, vehicles and assorted consumer commodities.